Facebook Censored Tiffany Trump Posts About Joe Biden Then Claimed It Was an Error

President Donald Trump has repeatedly accused social media giants of bias against conservative voices and of silencing them. Earlier this year, he threatened to close down some platforms.

Facebook Censored Tiffany Trump Posts About Joe Biden Then Claimed It Was an Error

Facebook censored Tiffany Trump’s post about Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, the New York Post reported. The president’s 27-year-old daughter posted a link on the social media website to an article about Joe Biden’s alleged involvement in his son Hunter's business dealings in China and Ukraine during his time as vice president. Facebook labelled the post as spam and prohibited users from reposting it.

People who tried to repost it saw an error message that read: "This URL goes against our Community Standards on spam".

After the New York Post sent Facebook a request to comment on the issue, the social media company lifted the restriction and said that it had occurred due to an "error".

It’s unclear why Facebook decided to censor Tiffany Trump’s post and did not impose restrictions on the accounts of the president’s other children, who have multi-million armies of followers on social media and frequently make political statements and post related content.

In August, Tiffany harshly criticised big tech for its bias against Trump and conservatives.

"People must recognize that our thoughts, opinions and even the choice of who we vote for are being manipulated and invisibly coerced by the media and tech giants", she said during the Republican National Convention.

Criticism From Senior Republicans and Potential Subpoena

The development comes as Twitter and Facebook have recently faced fierce criticism from senior Republicans after the companies tried to limit the spread of a New York Post expose on Joe Biden on social media. Facebook and Twitter barred users from sharing the story under various pretexts. The former said the story needed to be fact-checked, while the latter said it was "potentially harmful".

Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter, later admitted that the company’s actions were "unacceptable".

This prompted Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to schedule a hearing in order to compel Dorsey to testify about blocking the distribution of the New York Post expose. According to The Wall Street Journal, the committee plans to issue a subpoena to Dorsey next week.

This is not the first time that the Trump family has been subjected to restrictions by social media websites. Earlier this month, Facebook removed a post by Trump on the coronavirus in which the president claimed that the disease is "in most populations far less lethal" than the flu. The social media giant said Trump’s post had violated its policy on misinformation. In July, Twitter temporarily suspended the account of the president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., after he posted a video where a group of doctors said that wearing masks and imposing nationwide lockdowns would not stop the spread of the coronavirus. The social media giant said the post was "misleading and potentially harmful".